About Oxynade

Oxynade is the company behind the world-class ticketing platform MyUpcoming and serves thousands of customers in the event industry across Europe, through various brands and partners.


Leading ticketing technology platform
MyUpcoming is a comprehensive next-generation ticketing solution for leisure events, venues, theme parks, tradeshows and other types of events. The platform provides ease-of-use to the ticket buyer, and at the same time the platform facilitates all complex requirements of event organizers through a self-service web interface.

MyUpcoming is a leading cloud-based ticketing platform with following technical features:

  • Ultra-scalable cloud-based solution
  • 100% self-service for event organizers
  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency
  • Fully white-label
  • Comprehensive set of integrated features
    • Online ticket sales incl payments
    • Box office
    • Seating
    • Access control solutions
    • CRM & marketing
    • Reporting & analytics
    • Mobile app
    • Backoffice for administration & financial management


White-label ticketing solution
The MyUpcoming platform is unique in the industry: the overall platform is available as a white-label solution to partners with a strong brand in the market, that which to deliver ticketing services to their customers.

Oxynade’s partners include existing ticketing companies, media brands, loyalty programs, IT integrators, service providers and a wide range of other partners that benefit from a new revenue stream through ticket sales. Oxynade helps its partners with an out-of-the-box hosted solution, without the need of large upfront investments.

TTE Mashable TTS Antigone Airmiles Cipal

Oxynade is not just a technology provider to leading ticketing brands in the market. The company also provides a complete set of backoffice services including payment processing, helpdesk to organizers, call center to ticket buyers and administration. All services are executed “whitelabel” under the brand name of our partners in multiple languages across Europe.



About TeleTicketService

TeleTicketService is a ticketing service part of the Sportpaleis Group, owner of the largest covered event venue in Belgium (Sportpaleis) and 7 other large venues. TeleTicketService uses the Oxynade platform to provide a self-service solution to the mid- and top-market of event organisers, under the brand name “TeleTicketEasy”.



About Cipal

Cipal is a large IT integrator and service provider that sells the Oxynade ticketing platform under its own brand name “Antigone Cloud Editie” to cultural venues and local governments.



About Airmiles

Airmiles is a loyalty program with 1 million+ members, that uses the Oxynade ticketing platform under its own brand to sell theme park and event tickets.



About MijnEvent

MijnEvent is a self-service ticketing service for event organisers, available in English, French and Dutch, and used by over 10.000 event organisers ranging from small events (the long tail) to large event with over 100.000 tickets.


About Oxynade
Oxynade was founded in 2008 by industry veterans including Hans Nissens and Niko Nelissen. The company is headquartered in Gent, Belgium, Europe.


For more info, contact Oxynade at info@oxynade.com.

Oxynade NV
Grauwpoort 1
9000 Gent

Phone: +32 9 277 92 79
Fax: +32 9 277 92 89
VAT: BE 0893 070 288


Arkafund is a venture capital fund initiated by Dexia Bank & Sydes, and recognized by the ARKimedes fund as 'ARKIV'. Arkafund was founded in the beginning of 2006 and has a lifespan of 10 years, renewable for an additional 12 years. The fund is managed by the Sydes board and amounts up to $ 20 million. Arkafund invests in innovative ventures from Flanders, with its target areas being: media, entertainment, communication.

Vinnof (Vlaamse Innovatiefonds) provides seed capital to innovative startups based in Flanders, Belgium. Vinnof typically invests venture capital in early-stage companies to help them grow and to ease the path for raising venture capital from private firms in a later stage.


Board of directors

Hans Nissens

CEO Oxynade

Hans is founder of Oxynade and CEO. Prior to Oxynade, Hans raised some major projects like "cultuurweb.be" (now Uitinvlaanderen.be) and the "cultuurdatabank" (Cultural database in Belgium, now Uitdatabank.be), managing a team and a comprehensive network of partners. Hans brings in-depth business knowledge to the company, technological knowhow and management skills required to lead Oxynade.

Luc De Vos

Chairman Board

Luc De Vos pioneered the Internet in Belgium. He was founder of the EUnet group as the first commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Belgium and the first pan-European large ISP. Luc De Vos has been involved as entrepreneur, in one way or another, in the creation or development of about 40 companies. In more than half of that number he was founder or co-founder, in almost all of them director and in one third of them he was also part of the management team as CEO or CFO. This qualifies him as a serial entrepreneur. Luc is chairman of the board at Arkafund.

Niko Nelissen


Niko is founder of Oxynade and partner. Niko is also co-founder and he was CTO at Hostbasket (acquired by Telenet, 2008) and he co-founded Q-layer (VC funded technology company, acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2009). Niko brings years of experience in internet technology, web 2.0 concepts and searching techniques to the company.

Jan Vanhoyweghen


Jan is an accomplished Managing Director with proven ability in transforming ideas into business enterprises. He has a strong background in finance and taxes, a sound understanding of IT and a talent for creating strategies and motivating people in an eclectic assortment of business ventures. Jan is investment advisor at Arkafund.
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